paris; a composition

posted on: 16.02.2015

I am back. And have been for roughly four months. I am not sure where time has gone, it is like I woke up one day and someone stole a few months while I was sleeping. However, better late than never, here is the first installment of my 2014 European adventure!

I am going to go through my trip in chronological order. And it all began in Paris!

We based ourselves in the 3rd in Le Marais. I fell in love with this area where the shopping was perfect. New shops by small independent designers seemed to pop up daily and even though they were amidst the global brands, it was still a unique place. Narrow streets intertwine and you lose yourself amongst the charm with ease. Parties and galleries and gardens and secrets loom behind big doors. It is a place of wonder.



My favourite thing to do in Paris was to people watch. The typical French scenes played out in front of us while we sat at a corner bar in Le Marais, wine in hand, with patron smoke billowing around us. Funnily enough this seemed to bother me much less in Paris. I can confirm that all French people actually do love baguettes and they all walk and ride everywhere with this cliché packed in their bags. I can also confirm that the French are beautiful! Men and women carry style effortlessly. Their ensembles go together as perfect as wine and cheese!




The scale of both the city itself and the monuments actually took my breath away. Impressive was a word that came to mind frequently. And those Parisians sure do know how to do a garden. The Luxembourg Gardens were particularly lovely and people actually use them, they are amazing places just to hang out. Not that we allowed ourselves such luxury, with so much to see in six days we spent most of our time running!

I cannot wait to visit again and allow myself time to soak up the atmosphere and actually take in the amazing city that is Paris





| photos by Chloë Antonio | and Scott Antonich

Unfortunately I was only beginning to find my way around the DSLR so my photographs in Paris are slightly disappointing to me.


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