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posted on: 5.09.2014

I have something very exciting to share today. Over the past nine months I have been planning my second European trip and today the adventure begins.

Since deciding on the destinations, France, Italy and Switzerland, I have been drawn to anything relating to these places and a 30 page itinerary in very small font is what I have to show for my curiosity!

I came across these dreamlike images by Jessica Backhaus , a photographer from Germany, and just had to share them with you. These photographic reflections are part of a series called ‘I wanted to see the World.’ The images are reflections of the canals of Venice and Burano which are unlike any I have ever seen before. They are so far from the typical canal images you generally see of Venice that I was instantly intrigued.

A little while ago, before I found these stunning images, I was walking my grandparent’s dog, Bonnie (whom I often babysit), and was mesmerised by the rippling reflections cast in the Bay. It was a clear day and the water was soft and rippled. I caught the reflection of the cliffs and trees, which loomed above, and found the pattern, texture and distortion quite interesting. You can make out the subject but it is not simply given to you. I even posted an image to Instagram . It was the abstract nature of the image that fascinated me.

I am drawn to these unique images through the intense rippled colour, reminiscent of abstract-like paintings.

Currently, I am learning how to use a digital SLR and am looking forward to attempting something similar in Venice and Paris and the Cinque Terre and all the other amazing places I am going to visit!

So I realise I have been very quiet on the blog since beginning, but I intend to bring to you some good content on return from this trip. I have a lot of architecture and landscape touring planned that I think will make for some good content, which I cannot wait to curate and share with you all.







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